Castel Film Studios is the full-service private studio and film Production Company in Romania and one of the most important in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Castel Film Studios, can accommodate almost anything you can dream up. Our huge 37 ha lot contains not only some of the biggest stages available, but also numerous lot locations to let you create a scene of almost any part of the world.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Castel Film Studios, the largest full-service production facility in Romania and one of the most prolific in all of Europe.

With a rich history in film dating back to the 90’s, the twenty-first century has thrust Romania to the forefront of international motion picture production.  Producers from around the globe have brought their projects to Romania because of the wide variety of available locations, low-cost, high-quality set construction and, experienced, reliable crews and talent.

Castel Film was born from a love of making movies by fellow filmmakers.  For 24 years, we have made films for audiences around the world to enjoy.  As a service provider we have already generated:

Almost 250 international feature films

More than 1000 hours of foreign and domestic television content

More than 800 commercials


If we can be of service to your production  whether it be preparing an initial cost estimate, organizing a location scout, or just answering your questions about filming in this part of the world  please contact a member of our staff or myself directly.  It would be our pleasure to help you.



We love making movies in Romania.  I think you will too.


Vlad Paunescu

Owner and CEO

Castel Film Studios



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